When Do Dreams End?

Eversince I was 5, I dreamt of becoming a great engineer. I never really stopped dreaming about it and still continue to hope that one day, one sweet glorious day I will become one.  Truth be told, most of my friends and colleagues, think I am one (or look like one)  and to some point I too believe them. Just to some point 🙂 not yet there, I think.

However, I can’t put away this constantly annoying murmor within me. That innate, unstoppable desire to create, to invent … to innovate. Never satisfied until I create something that can be my legacy, the fulfillment of all the learnings I have received from the great mentors I have had the opportunity to work with.  If only that leash of a clause within my employment contract was removed, I can start thinking of new things again. If only I can do my own stuff without them owning everything.

How I wish I can write my own patent, create my own algorithms and publish diverse findings I have come across in my very short career. I guess they will have to wait.

 How much time do I have left to execute and realize my dreams? I used to believe that my dreams end once I get married and have my own kids. I guess, I will just have to wait and see. I pray God grant me a little more time. Time enough to raise my family and see my dream come to realization.

Come to think of it, I guess I need a very understanding wife who can support me. I hope she is the one. When my dream comes true, I just want to redeem my roots from years of anonymity and status-quo prejudice.

 When do dreams really end? Is it when we give them up? Is it at a certain age? Is it when they come to fruition? I guess, for all the reasons why I hold my dreams dear, the answer to my question lies squarely on me. And shamefully, I have no answer. Like what my friend mike would say, I am once again stuck in an endless loop. 


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