Hope : Miracles happen

I was 7 years old and was selected for the 2nd straight year to be the lead of the male cheerleading team. Everything was going right when one day my mom found me burning with fever and with a big lump in my right ear. Scared to death, she brought me to the best ENT specialist in our province. I vividly remember how she was crying at the diagnosis of the doctor. I was to be operated as soon as possible to clear my ear of some strange strain of infection. The operation however, had a great risk of me losing my sense of hearing.

Hopeless, she went to the cathedral in Bacolod City. There she weepingly prayed for some strange miracle, offering my life to God’s loving hands. I guess being 7 I was not able  understand the gravity of the situation. On our way home, I even begged my mom for some “batchoy” in my favourite restaurant. As I ate my food with gusto, my mom was crying on hers. That afternoon she informed the school of my situation and requested that I be stripped off the team.

The day passed, with the fever increasing and the lump getting bigger and bigger. I went to sleep that night with a a hot towel on the lump. The next morning, all my teachers were surprised when they saw me at school perfectly healthy. We eventually went on to win the cheerleading competition with me as the lead.

I dont know God’s reasons why he granted me a miracle, but I know they happen. And for those who dont have hope right now, I hope this gives you a grain of it. Just believe like my mom. Her faith healed me. And if they dont happen to you, it is ok to get dissapointed I think. But please give God a chance to show you the reason why.


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