Thank you :: そうすれば与えられる。

Dear God,

Thank you very much for this year. Thank you for making me live through it. Thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity. Thank you for the patience you had even if I crossed the line. Thank you for granting me some respite from the harsh events within my family. Thank you for giving me whatever it is I have now and for releasing some of my excess baggage.

Heal me please, from the poison that eats me up, from the anger within. Stop me from becoming a beast of burden and make me a creature of your magnificence. Grant me your wisdom, your strength and your humility. I pray you keep me within the fold, and search for me when I go astray.

I pray you grant everyone the strength and not forget my family and loved ones when you wish to scatter blessings on the planet. And though a lot of us dont believe in you, please continue to believe in us. I ask for nothing else but faith the size of a mustard seed.


皆の事も忘れないでいただけませんか? 信じている方と信じないかたもお世話をしていただけませんか。人間への希望を決して失わないでいただけませんか?





One response to “Thank you :: そうすれば与えられる。

  1. いい祈りですね。。。本当に感動いたしました。

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