Useless Knowledge :: 化物の専門

I felt, I had just to write this.

For the past few days, I had in been in so many technical discussions with some clients here in Japan. Yup, all in nihongo. The discussion revolved around the implementation of our selected OS/ kernel. It was quite something, not just because it was deep within the OS, but more importantly it was in a tongue, I am so desperately trying hard to learn just to be “professional” in the eyes of my Japanese mentors.

When the day ended, and all of us have had our solution, I was thinking how many people in the organization I work for, have had that kind of opportunity. For one, I know my sempai (senior officer in japanese), would not discuss openly about technical stuff should he deem the other party technically incapable. Moreso, if he thinks the other party cannot cope with nihongo. I guess I got lucky. And yeah, all discussions were in heavy kansai ben.

I feel however, in the light of the composition of the organization I work for, I find that these things that I have learned are nearly useless. Such knowledge, only creates an image of me as a “bakemono”, a monster, a freak of nature. And in light of low valuation, a heavily criticized, overqualified underrated engineer.

I however, am not mad or disgusted anymore. However, I am very very disappointed that my organization as a whole does not look at its business and execute scientifically like our fellow Asians, the Indians. Post sales are pretty bad within the organization, I guess I will have to write about this in another blog. And should my other former co-workers were still around me, I know they would treat such knowledge as very valuable treasures. However, sadly they are all gone, three years past.

Yep, I am stacking up on useless knowledge. And so are some of my friends.I just hope, and pray that someday, such useless knowledge be again valuable to some other people. Where people like me are no more “bakemono”s. Or should we still be freaks, at least we’re not anymore overqualified undervalued engineers.  Just regular engineers.

Kidd, Gasol, Shaq just got traded. I am no where close to how these guys are, should embedded development be like basketball. But somehow, i know it is imminent, I think getting traded is becoming a very very very good option.

Cheers to all”bakemono”s.


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