No Rest For The Wicked

He stepped into the hot water. His body almost soaked in blood from the day’s unending battles. His once proud ivory wings are now just but fragments of what they used to be. The burnt skin, the scars, the ugliness of his physique was a testament, of the commitment he had made to those whose lives hang in the balance.

The hot water was soothing. For a moment, he closed his eyes, trying to forget the pain within, with the seething heat offered by the water. His thoughts roamed, they wandered into the void within him. Blessed nothingness. The water trickled down his spine, down his broken wings offering some respite to the weary body. It has been a long time since he felt anything good.

The war is not yet over, but the outcome has been predicted long before. And no matter what the others do, for him it will all eventually be over. And as he has envisioned since the start of the war, he will eventually evolve into something new. The inviting water from the hot springs, the greenish lush surrounding him momentarily interrupted his train of thoughts. He dipped his head into the water.

As he held his face diving in, he once again felt the scars. The scars of the battles that had been almost an onslaught at the start. Three long years of aggression was not really what he wanted. But the fates have decided on him, via a series of unfortunate events. And in the solace underwater, he opened his mouth unleashing a sound no man under his command should ever hear. It was a swan song, a howl of a dying dog roared with a dignity of a lion, albeit a dying one. It was pain, unbearable, unceasing pain. A tormented soul’s lament over what there was and what there is.

He gets his head out of the water. He gazed into the stars that watched him that night. He stared at them nonchalantly, for they have witnessed what should have never been seen. His cry to the fates, his wail to the heavens. He was calculating whether he should pray that night. For in his eyes, God never really favored him. But in a rare act of piety, he bowed his head, and uttered a very simple prayer. “Why?” he gasped with all honesty. God had never answered him before, nor will he probably ever. But he does not question his God, he believes. But being human, even though he has been granted wings, it is his nature to ask.

As he stands up from the water, he exhaled everything there was in him. Hoping it can take the pain and the weariness of his spirit. He puts on his armor, sheaths his tarnished sword into the scabbard, the seraphims have given him. He grabs his helmet, sets it on, making sure that the sun-gold hair is properly tucked in. Tomorrow will be another day for a bloody fight. Whether he will live to see it end or not, his resolve remains unwaivering. And though recently he has been dragging his fatigued legs into the battlefield, he tries to carry on. Steadfastly, patiently.

Yes there is no rest for the wicked. For they are the only ones who know what a real fight is, and how it can be fought to win. He looks up, makes the sign of the cross and hopes that God has not forgotten him. For now, there is no real rest, no place nor time of respite for the wicked.


7 responses to “No Rest For The Wicked

  1. … kadramahan lang po 🙂 … in the words of my very young friend, Rigel … “PEACE bro!” 🙂

  2. that was nice. 🙂 it would have ended better though with a clearer depiction of who he really was. but the delivery was really nice.

    i also write short stories and some other stuff and it’s nice to see that someone else is doing what i do. haha 😀 i’ll put this in my links ha. check out my stories too, i’ve got a few. 🙂

  3. hello dyeisi … hmmm since a lot of peepz are asking … this is based on a fictional character inside my head. I was intending to build up on the character and come up with a novelleta of sorts hahahah.

    But he is actually a character in a war between heaven and hell when Christ was crucified. He was granted wings to fly (just one of the many gifts he received) but he actually still is human because he possesses the gift of freedom.

    He is not accepted by humans because of his wings and unaccepted by the angels because of his gift of freedom.


  4. hmmm may mga chapter ba to? hehehe

  5. @harold hahaha … siempre meron 🙂 wait ka lang bubuin ko haahha … joke .. ang hirap kasi mag-isip na eh 🙂

  6. i dont know what to say. well i think i do i just dont know how to word it. well cge, here it goes, i think it was actually nice that the character was not vividly depicted on the story. it actually leaves much mystery for the people to crave for more. the idea of the story though, if you really put your head on it, is uhm, how do i put it, disturbing. (in a good way ah) much so that i was scared for myself. aww… feeling ko tuloy ako ung character.

    i really like it. hope to read more of this “character” in your head… ahihihi

  7. hahahah don … thanks for commenting … hahahah libre ko na lang kayo ni ate lunch or dinner pag-uwi ko… sana ma-meet ko lahat ng teammates ni ate …

    salamat … hahaha sana nga mabuo ko tong character na to … but writing really takes alot of energy … hahahah


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