The Core : A Study on Personal Development (1)

As I am already 31 years old, I find myself thinking and dreaming for the young people I had been working and communicating with in the past few months. I am delighted with the spirit and energy they possess, fascinated by the variety of “kangaekata” (“way of thinking” in Japanese) and their optimism which shines brilliantly in their eyes and their smiles.

For the majority of my life, I dreamed only that someday, in the most microscopic of ways, I can be a form of inspiration for those whose paths may bear semblance to the path I have chosen. More so, I also dream of coming across somebody who can either verify my path or somebody who can make me learn more.

For some who know what I have achieved at 31, I have achieved much. To be honest though, I feel that I am still “half-full”. Either way, half-full or not, that remains to be seen in the days left for me to wander this earth. But for the most people to whom I am a stranger, I am practically nobody.

Be it so, I hope that what I have written here be of use to people who might be in a tight spot and might need some amount of focusing. And should you find it useful, and should you believe in a God, I hope you just thank him for granting you the chance to come across my site.

I wrote this blog to share only 5 things. These things in my perspective are by far the most important to me, as far as ZENTAITEKI (“holistic” in Japanese) personal development is concerned. I guess at 31, this is my formula of whatever little successes I have had in life. I am not yet in any way finished building myself, so I too am a work in progress. That being said, though I am no expert, no saint nor genius, I want to share whatever little I have learned over the past 31 years.

The key ingredients and in no particular order to  better personal development are as follows :

  1. Vision / Goal – the ability to dream for oneself
  2. Character – the ability to do what is right and to correct oneself
  3. Wisdom/Knowledge – the ability to judge what is right and wrong as far as one can
  4. Compassion – the ability to dream, hope, empathize with others
  5. Faith – the ability to believe in others, to believe in something

As this is like my personal quasi-magnum opus, the above items might be too much and too long just in one writing. So for today, I would like to talk about Vision.

VISIONS : A dissection

(Dreams / Goals / Aspirations)

Most of the young people I meet have rarely screeched out their visions, their dreams, their heart’s deepest aspirations. In this light, I feel that I should talk more about visions so that the young within my circle of influence should dream more, than old farces like myself. The importance of this key element cannot be underrated. Vision provides us an infinite source of motivation. We never tire nor burn out for as long as we keep some form of goal within our heads.

What is it that you aspire for? Who do you want to be? What do you want to be?

It would be useless for me to preach about vision if I cannot share some things I have learned about it. So here goes what I have in mind. Visions or goals can be classified in my opinion as such :

a.  “Impossible Dream” (from Man of La Mancha)– Forgive my copying of the song’s title. But envisioning something beyond yourself is not bad for the spirit. In my current learning I have come to the conclusion that an individual, should he possess an impossible dream, (for as long as he controls his path) possesses an indomitable spirit. He or she becomes virtually infinite in terms of spirit and intensity, though he or she may express it in silence. However, as I have said, one has to be careful of pushing for this dream since the body is not so indomitable.

b.  Segmented / Paged Visions – Pardon the play on technical terms, but A BIG IMPOSSIBLE-DREAM VISION has to be compartmentalized into smaller dreams. For example,  dream “professionally”, dream “family-wise”, dream “individual-wise”, dream “spirit-wise” so on and so forth. Our Segmented visions make up and streamline our Impossible Dream/s.

c.    Episodic Visions – Like a television mini-series, a story arc (ala Onepiece) or a season, is built on top of sub-plots and episodes. What I want to say is that our bigger dreams, are built on top of small goals, which can be achieved over very short-intervals of time. Like the Great Pyramids of Egypt, which are built on bricks, which in turn are built on sand.

d. Serendipitous / Spin-off Visions – This one is what I like the most. Sometimes, in our lives we meet very wonderful people who can influence us very much. In their presence we sometimes end up getting influenced by their natural or not-so-natural gifts. In the process our original vision becomes a bit skewed or what I can honestly say as mutated. These serendipitous (watch the movie SERENDIPITY!!!) moments, or fortunate accidents, which trigger spin-off visions may come from the television, the blog site, your friends or probably even from your very own family. Serendipitous visions at surface level may not seem to contribute to fulfillment of the impossible dream, but I believe they do.

Tomorrow : A sharing of thoughts and experiences on “Visioning”

What then happens if people don’t have a vision or visions? goals?
Do I really have to be “100% all the time” Vision-oriented?
Do I really have to have all forms of Vision?
Why the Impossible Dream first and not from the sub-plot visions?
And some of my most memorable personal experiences …

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3 responses to “The Core : A Study on Personal Development (1)

  1. Hi Govz! At 31 with dreams of inspiring “young people” with your idea of Visioning and Personal Dev’t is… quite impressive. But don’t forget…we’re still part of that young population pa!!! (including yours truly! =)

    ..anyway, just wanted to drop a note. Here’s hoping and looking forward to more of your thoughts.


  2. hello pete … many many many thanks for dropping by. I hope I get to finish and rehash this one.

    hahahahah sometime I feel I am so old. I guess you are right, we are still a part of that young population.

    Thanks again.

  3. thecompassmovie1

    Thank you for this blog and post. I wanted to share this personal development movement with you.

    The Compass Movie and Book are Coming in February 2009.

    Life is meant to be lived in abundance. We all want to experience life at the highest levels. Over the years, we have been taught the importance of vision and clear thought. However, those who have truly attained success in all aspects of life know there is more that needs to be done to reach the top, and live a life of fulfillment and gratitude. Without knowing the optimal path, life tends to meander like a stream. A stream will take you down the mountain, but it will never carry you to the top.

    Never before in history has there been a film that has told the story of the journey through life coupled with the world’s leading authorities on personal success. As an added bonus, the viewer will be treated to four dynamic individuals who will inspire, motivate and make you think at a deep level when you learn of their incredible life stories.

    The Compass will move you!

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