The Light-Bearer

In the beginning, there was nothing but darkness. But when the mighty voice of God broke into the silence, the darkness parted, and overwhelming light was cast upon the universes. So goes the story of creation, Genesis. But what the good book did not say, was that the light did not come from the voice of God. For it was not brought about by the power of the Word. It was brought about, by the light-bearers.

The light-bearers were benevolent creatures, who were under the command of God. They were as many as the stars in the galaxy, each bearing the radiance of truth and the light of God’s magnificence. They were astounding creatures,  much like the stars at night, shining brilliantly against the backdrop of the twilight sky. Stories of old said, that when they frolicked across the universe, they moved so fast yet so gracefully, that their trail of light would mock the most wonderful comets in the nightsky. It is also said that when they danced in unison, hovering over the edge of space, the night sky would become a spectacle. Belittling any fireworks display then and now. They say that even the Perseids meteor shower paled in comparison, with the beauty of the light-bearers’ dancing in symphony.

Of all the light-bearers, there was one who stood out the most. His name was Lucifer. He was magnificent, for he bore the brightest of all the lights. He had in him the power to outshine even the sun and he can radiate much stronger and warmer than any super giant existing in the vast expanse of space. He was fair and kind, possessing the heart of a champion and the visage of eternal light. It is said that when the creator finished everything on the seventh day, Lucifer, not Prometheus, brought fire into the world.  And God, seeing what he had done, was pleased with him. More than any of his kinsmen.

Lucifer made sure that the earth blossomed. He made sure that there was enough warmth to cast upon the flowers and trees of all kinds. And during the sixth day, when man was not yet man, it is said, that he made the rain come pouring into the earth. Enough water to sustain the magic of what is now known as Darwinian evolution. The rising of man from single-celled life forms which roamed the earth. God was so pleased with him, and the creator trusted him like his own son.

It came to pass though, that God, seeking to further enrich the existence of his favored light-bearer, asked Lucifer for a journey of faith, a trial for ascendancy. And even up to now, Lucifer holds the previlege of being the first light-bearer to had been granted the previlege of ascendancy. Such a test however, can only be done into the great void. A region of “moment” where God, nor any of his creations did not exist. Lucifer though, having faith in the wisdom of his master and taking pleasure in the gift bestowed, accepted God’s offer. And so, the brightest, the greatest of the light-bearers, in all his splendor, in all his radiance, ventured into the great void.

The void surprised Lucifer. For never in his life had he thought of a place beyond the presence of the Almighty. In the void, there was nothing but darkness. And because there was no air, only silence can be heard. It was a place of desolation, despair and destruction. A place that can bring shivers into ones spine, shooting straight down to the soul. But Lucifer’s faith in God was not built on steam nor water. His faith could not be swayed simply by the despair nor darkness which surrounded him. And in prayer he tried to nurture his faith, with hopes that God would answer and grant him grace. Oh how he prayed in the vacuum. He prayed every single moment in his infernal solitary confinement. Millennium after millennium, he kept on praying.

But, all his prayers were unanswered. And as time passed in the oblivion, the inner voice within him preaching of magnificence in all that is good, gradually started to fade. Like any solid rock subjected to infinitely perpetual drops of water, his faith started to break into pieces. For there was no light, no planets, no trees, no creatures to remind him how beautiful creation was. There were no other light-bearers, no man, no woman, no other sentient being to remind him what he was and of his existence’s purpose. Lucifer though, even in his dwindling conviction, prayed on steadfastly. But unfortunately, only silence cometh again.

In his prayers he hoped, asked, pleaded and begged for nothing else but a mustard-seed of grace from the maker. But eons passed and still there was no such sign, no hope whatsoever of deliverance. Until one day, one momentous crack in time, Lucifer stopped praying. And for the first time in his existence he started feeling cold, and became aware of the nothingness which enveloped him. At that infinitesimal moment, at that exact instant he broke away from prayer, the prophecy of the “Fall Of The Morning Light”, may have not yet been fulfilled, but the wheel of destiny started turning towards the direction of its fruition.

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6 responses to “The Light-Bearer

  1. Hello, I am just trying to make my own spin of the heaven-hell-earth-universe story. Some form of creative writing to further sharpen my writing techniques.

    Have fun, and have faith 😀

  2. Hi Gauvs,

    This is fascinating…=)
    I don’t really like reading, you know i’m not a book person…and very few books/ writings capture my attention…but this one caught my attention and now…you have to write more since i’m craving for more…lolz…

    Love the twist…you should write a book…=)

    Hope all is well…God Bless you and your family! =)

    • hello japs,

      thanks for taking time to read…. and more thanks for the feedback …
      hahahah ok bro .. will do my best to write the parts ..
      until an entire book is finished hopefully …
      i too look forward to closing this 😀 …
      it is kinda difficult though hahahah …
      take care u too …
      and best regards to your ma and pa …
      and your little angel of a sister ..
      i bet she ain’t little anymore though 😀 …

      THANKS JAPS m(_ _)m <- japanese emoticon for bowing down … 🙂

  3. Hi Gauvs,

    Awesome play of words! Really good stuff here…though I’m just not a fan of new versions of this story–but that’s it, even though I wasn’t buying the new perspective I still finished the story and was actually craving for more. That’s how good this is! Will wait for the book, okay? 🙂 more power! hehe

    • hello maan,

      hahahah thanks for dropping by …
      truth is i dont think this topic is really a good point to start with ..
      the dark side or evil personified …
      is a hard topic to sell ..
      thanks a lot for reading and for the comment most especially ..
      hahahaha i too look forward to completing the story …
      well if it has merit enough i guess …
      hopefully it gets done …
      maraming maraming salamat ulit ..
      best regards and keep on smiling … 😀

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