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じゃあまたね!(See you later)

To everyone,

A great day to all of you. I would
like to inform you that today,
2009/10/30 is my last day on-site.

We had worked together for over 5 years now.
I have worked off-shore with you for 1 year
and over 4 years on-site here in Japan.

できました。Tennis, Basketball, Golf, Softballを
When I first arrived in Japan, my Nihongo
was virtually nothing, and my engineering
level was not that impressive either. But
it was through your kindness, that I got
to improve myself. Aside from teaching me
your tongue and everything about the job,
it was really fun to have played tennis,
basketball, golf and softball with you.

Moreover, it was through continued
interaction with you that I learned
to understand the Japanese culture
and the Japanese way of life.
Coming from a different culture,
it was very very difficult for me.
But I thank you because those experiences
and learnings broadened my viewpoint on life,
culture, religion and just about everything under the sun.
Thank you so much for the many wonderful
and varied memories that you have shared with me.

I cannot say thank you enough,
to express how much gratitude I
have for the Team and to each
and everyone of you personally.
This has been a wonderful 5 years for me.
And that I learned so much from all of you.

I cannot repay you for your kindness,
but I will always hope and pray for good
things for you and your families,
and for the entire Team.

For all your kindness, support,
and for taking care of me
I thank you all so very very much.

To life’s sea of great adventure,
I go with these wonderful memories of all of you.

Let us all do our best. See you all later 🙂

Gauvin Ledesma Repuspolo
Research and Development Engineer

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The Core : A Study on Personal Development (2)

Second Part of the series …. (While waiting for my half an hour compilation…)

What then happens if we don’t have a vision or visions?

  1. We will wander around much of our time and when the big life-crisis comes, we end up in darkness.
  2. We sit too long, too much in the seat of power or responsibility because we see no reason to push while on top.
  3. In a team, if the leader has no vision, it will never grow but will eventually regress.
  4. Self-Motivation is almost impossible. More so, motivating others.
  5. We lose sight of what is really important in the end because without a long term end objective, we will see no more than tomorrow or next month.

Do we really have to be “100% all the time” Vision-oriented?

LIFE HAS TO BE LIVED! Therefore it is not imperative to be 100% vision oriented. Wisdom will tell you that human as we are, we cannot be 100% anything but human. WE WILL FALTER!!!!We will skew from our dreams and ambitions. However before we judge rashly, if skewing is good or not, let me remind you, that it is ONLY in life’s end, that we will eventually realize if the skew was worth it. Sometimes the “skew” can provided us with a serendipitous vision. What I am trying to say is, LIFE IS DIFFICULT AND IT IS UNPREDICTABLE, but it will help you alot if you have charted out a plan for yourself before you proceed on your journey. The plan may be incomplete, just a set of destination points and pit stops, but nevertheless a plan is in place.

REMEMBER : Your vision is your proposal to the fates, it is your heart’s desire expressed tangibly.

Do I really have to have all forms of Vision?

When i graduated college, I just wanted to be an R&D engineer. My first job was R&D manager and eventually CEO. Oh well those are just titles. But as an R&D Manager, i was able to guide all my fellow fresh graduates in creating a commercial level device, outsourced from one of the leading hardware companies in my country and invested in by one major conglomerate. I hope you dont see this as “boasting”, but what I am trying to say is:

When our visions of ourselves come to a fulfillment, what’s next? Some people tend to “not mind” and then stagnate. This is the “I already have what I want” policy.

So do we really need to have all forms of visions/goals. My honest answer is No. What i think is imperative though, is our genuine effort to continuously update our visions and goals. And if you can, once you can, Go for the Impossible Dream first. 🙂 Then build slowly below it.

Why the Impossible Dream first and not from the sub-plot visions?

When we climb a mountain, there are a gazillion ways to plan it. The basic school of thought is to attack it from the base. However, if we had an opportunity, wouldn’t we want to see the view from the top first and then plan from there? To chose a path that is not the usual trail but a path we have selected for ourselves, a “probably” unique path. Who said that there is only one actual way to reach Kyoto Station? So our impossible dreams will be our path’s zenith. And we must plot from the view on top. And yeah, impossible dreams are upgradeable too. 😀

What about people without goals? Are they freaks?

Everybody is a freak. So it is normal to have no vision. However, I think, they are in great risk of squandering the time they have and the gifts granted to them. They are also prone to becoming more and more lackadaisical. Of course there are certain exceptions to the rule, extraordinarily blessed people who became SOMETHING out of a series of fortunate accidents. 😀

Have you seen a carriage horse driven in traffic? They usually have blinders on the side of their eyes. (Check this yahoo answer…) Much like scope of the horses’ eyes, an individual has an almost infinite set of possibilities. If left unfocussed it might wander into oblivion. Visions have the same effect as the blinders for horses. Dont get me wrong, I am not saying you better be single-direction oriented. What I am trying to say is that, when we envision something to happen, usually we spend time and resource efficiently. Or should you be like me who likes to ponder and wander around, our visions will grant us enough strength to stop clowning around with our spaghetti and start eating the meat balls. No pun intended here. 😀

Anyways, what is there to lose if we set out simple or grandiose plans for ourselves. Let me end today’s blog in the words of my father, Vicente Belarma Repuspolo Jr., the Gasoline Boy, “pahinante”, Truck Driver turned Instrument Technician …

“Libre lang naman maghandom sang maayo, nga-a indi ka maghandum sang sobra sa lab-ot sang kamot mo….” (Hiligaynon :: Ilonggo)

“libre ang mangarap, bakit di mo pa damihan at lakihan?” (Tagalog)

Visions are for free, why dont you think of many, and make them greater than life itself?  (English)

夢は無料でしょう。夢を深く考えて無限レベルを目指しましょう!!! (in my imperfect Nihongo)

(Thanks to Sensei Angelito “Gel” Salgado for the Japanese support.)

NEXT: A sharing of experiences on “Vision”

“Ang batang nangarap” : The kid  who dreamed : 子供の夢
“Trabahong Outsourcing sa Nihon” : Outsourced in Japan : 日本の仕事



なぜ、お酒を飲んだら、嬉しくなるの?何で自身があがるね?そして、なんでその時に僕の日本語が完璧そうになるの?本当に知りたいんですけど、取り合えず、もう少しその状態ままでするつもりです。多分、その飲み物に、”happy happy particles”があると思います。すっぱり分からない。

でもね、お酒を飲む時に、僕は、煩いけど、”happy happy”になる。知らない人は、その時に、知り合いになるよう!変だね、危ないと思っています。酔っぱらいなら、声も、ちょっと美しくなるね?。京都で、日本に着いた時から、今まで、だいたい50回以上、バーへ飲みにいきました。値段は、ちょっと高いけど、Mental Stabilityが大事ので、バーで飲んだら、凄くHAPPYになるよう。詳細仕様書や基本仕様書など、バーにいるなら、ぜんぜん忘れる。

日本のバーは、色々種類があるよう。あるバーは、Westernのバーです。英語の音楽を演奏する。ときどき、英語の映画も発表します。もう一つのタイプは、えっと、Serious Barですね。Serious Barと言うのは、長いカウンターテーブルがある小さい店。そのテーブルで、皆が集めて、本気にお酒を飲みます。何も言ってない。Serious Barは、あまり好きじゃないです。もう一つのバータイプを記載したいんですけど、怪しい所なんで、あなた方によって発見されて欲しい。


** We will have an internal exam in the coming weeks. I hope my stupid practice here helps bwahhahahahaha :). The sake will definitely help though.